How to Lap Tap Like Erik Mongrain

Erik Mongrain has become a guitar sensation, becoming a master of a number of styles, techniques, textures and approaches. His unique talent has earned him a global fan base.

One of the many talents in Mongrain’s arsenal is the lap tapping technique, which is based on the guitar lying flat on the lap while the guitarist hammers different parts of the strings to make unique sounds.

Learning the skill of lap tapping can take a bit of time, but the effort required to add it to your arsenal is well worth the effort.


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    The first thing that you need to do is to get yourself a guitar. Scout for a guitar shop in your area and look at the different guitars. It is best to take someone who is learned about guitars with you, so that he can help you get yourself some good strings. The quality of the guitar is often ignored by amateurs. However, it is important to understand that if you want to become really good with the guitar, you need to buy one of good quality.

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    Once you have bought a guitar, search for a guitar school in your area. Having an instructor to help you learn the guitar will make a huge difference at the pace of your learning. You will also get to learn the instrument in a more systematic manner, starting off with the basics and then gradually moving on to the more advanced guitar playing skills. Take your guitar classes seriously and do not skip any lessons, as you never know when you might miss something really important. Remember to be patient, as you will not be able to learn the guitar in a few days. It takes time.

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    Once you have acquired the basic guitar skills and begin to feel confident about your ability to lap tap, start playing the guitar without using the pick. You will find this new approach of playing the guitar pretty inconvenient and even painful in the beginning, but you will eventually get used to it. Your fingertips will harden a bit as well after a while to adjust to the pressure that you are exerting on them while pulling the strings.

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    You will be able to find online classes for lap tapping on the official website of Mongrain.

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