Top Six Alexander McQueen’s Bags

Nobody expected the legacy of Alexander McQueen to continue, especially after the death of the designer. But the brand kept on growing and the fashion pundits still consider it as great.

This British fashion house particularly touched the heights of fame, when it was revealed that the royal wedding gown is one of its products. Originally founded in early 1990s, this brand entered the fashion industry as fresh air.

Those who like fashion combined with art love this fantastic fashion house more than anything. The Alexander McQueen bags are simply matchless.


  • 1

    Union Jack

    When it comes to red carpet events, there is nothing more popular than the Alexander McQueen skull clutches. You will see superstars like Diane Kruger, Emma Watson and Selma Hayek simply loving them.

    Not only the design, but the art is the key element in these outstanding clutches. Mostly inspired by Union Back, the Alexander McQueen has a huge collection of these clutches. So, if you are looking for the boldest, coolest and the most iconic one, nothing is better than this item.

  • 2

    Knuckles Clutch

    The Alexander McQueen Eel Brass-Knuckles Clutch is another famous product. These little bags are bold, but at the same time very feminine. With this wonderful clutch in hand, you don’t need to worry about cocktail rings and bracelets.

    Available in plenty of colours and designs, the Knuckles Clutches are famous for beautiful studs. You can also find the one with velvet details in darker shade. The laced ones also have a huge audience.

  • 3

    The Novak

    Inspired by Hollywood’s golden girl, Kim Novak, the Novak is an amazing collection of handbags. Mostly made of soft material, these bags are also available in various styles and colours. When buying one of the Novak bags, you need to realise that it does look great with formal dressing. The Novak bags, however, can be used both in both day and night events.

  • 4


    Heroine is another excellent luxury item. These bags usually come in rectangular shape and are the best choice for formal events. A lot of people find this bag collection too simple in style, but it is far from reality. You will surely fall in love with it, once you hold it.

  • 5

    De Manta

    Inspired by manta ray, the De Manta is a nice collection of oversized envelop clutches. The dark floral printed one is the most popular from this brilliant collection that comes in numerous colours and styles.

  • 6

    More Memorable Clutches

    It is almost impossible to ignore spider web clutch, the black rose and samurai gold, when it comes to enlist the top six ones. All these three bags are amazingly beautiful. Therefore, we leave this choice to you. Pick the one that you love most.

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