How to Apply an Avant Garde High Fashion Makeup Look

Avant garde can be referred to as any style which is artistic, dramatic, experimental and full of expressions. It is a french term which is translated in English as “advance guard”. This experimental and unconventional make-up mostly appears at the runways of many fashion shows internationally giving a very different and attractive look to the models. Avant garde actually focuses on a particular feature, like mouth or eyes, using bold and bright colours, methods of applications and sometimes combination of many colours. It is ideal for trendy fun parties such as Halloween as avant garde makeup is crazy, bright, bold and beautiful. Creative approach is main thing in avant garde makeup. Artist should have a unique, innovative style sense to create this type of makeup with the usage of all unusual colours available.


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    Avant garde is all about creating unique ideas. First of all, you should decide a theme to follow. You can be as experimental and creative as you want. There are no boundaries for this makeup technique. Take all the time needed in deciding the theme as applying makeup is not the most important part rather the design to be applied is the utmost part of avant garde makeup.

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    After choosing the theme, decide your area of creation like you want to work on your eyes, your lips or make designs on different sides of your face.

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    Take colours according to your chosen theme. All colours must be bright and unusual. It is a popular strategy for creating a dramatic look. Use complementary colours always such as red, yellow, green and blue. Colours should be applied at the opposite ends of the eye, one at the brow bone and one over the lid of eye. Blend all the colours near the crease of eye. You can make your eyes dramatic by using smoky shadow over the lid. Be cool and playful with your eyes by applying shimmery eye shadows. Intense eyes are a signature look that is edgy yet classy.

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    Never lose focus from the theme of makeup. Apply makeup on every part of the face according to the theme.

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    After eyes, focus your face. Make sweeping designs around your eyes. It creates emphasis and a great eye-playfulness. Always apply muted teal colour and dark liner and lashes, it gives a dark undertone. It goes with the whole look and keeps you look sweet as it is all about looking dramatic. Then complete the look with pale skin and nude lips which balances the fantastic looking eyes.

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    Never forget to use good quality products only. They are not only good for the skin but also produces the best result and gives you desired colours necessary for creating the decided theme.

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