How to Adopt a Military Attitude

A uniform with the stars and a posture that tells you automatically some one different and important is here. Yes! we are talking of those belonging to the military. A military attitude has two basic characteristics: Tough and disciplined. These two are traits that can be useful in daily life even if you do not serve in the military.

Military men are known all over the world for their lifestyle and way of dealing with people and situation. They have traits that can help even those not in the military if they adopt them. Follow our step by step guide for some basic guidelines on adopting a military attitude.


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    Always wear clean and and orderly clothes that match. The clothes should be pressed hard, and if  the material is cotton, it should be starched. Military men are famous for their immaculate dressing.

    Your boots should always be polished and shining. Keep a tissue or mop in the car to clean them whenever they get messy.

    Get a military cut from your barber. It completes the look.

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    Military homes are built keeping all necessary facilities and are always sparkling clean. They are decorated with shields and memoirs of soldier heroes. The lawns are always mowed and clear of any dirt or weed.

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    Take special care of being on time to functions and events. Also enforce fixed timings for waking up/ sleeping, meals and other chores around the house so that there is uniformity.

    Walk briskly when walking. When standing, stand straight with hands locked at the back and the gaze straight ahead This gives off your solid determination.

    Give off the aura of being tough. Exercise regularly and join golf clubs.

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    Dealing with people:

    Use full names or surnames when addressing someone. Avoid pet names or nick names. Add Sir/Ma'am where appropriate.

    Try not revealing your emotions. Keep a blank face and a normal stern voice in all situations so that people cannot judge your emotions.

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    Follow all laws imposed by government, police or even the school administration. You should be known as a person who always upholds laws. In return you can expect the same from people who report to you. Keep promises when you make them showing your strong character.

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