How to Dress Bohemian for Work

In literal sense, being Bohemian means being unconventional by all means. For decades, women in many parts of the world have taken inspiration from the notions of free spirit and defiance in the contemporary norms of dressing. Ask any fashion pundit and they will tell you that the bohemian style is one’s state of mind and will add that regardless of how much time passes by, this particular statement will never fade into oblivion. During the 60s and 70s, this dressing was a fashion statement and even today, it has its effect.


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    The main rule of dressing bohemian is being ethnic. In order to do this particular type of clothing, you should bear in mind that the colours should reflect nature and everything that is natural about life.

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    It is better to wear colours that breath life. Earthy colours such as brown, olive, khaki or eggshell whites will do the trick.

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    Anything that is too bright or warm or too chic, will not give the dressing a bohemian look.

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    It is better to wear toned down versions of bright colours with a tinge of brown mixed into them.

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    The look should be simple and raw in order to convey the bohemian philosophy or bohemian state of mind. Psychedelic prints in colours would look really great. Try Moroccan kitsch prints or prints of the ancient Sanskrit.

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    Keep in mind that the colours in the dressing should complement each other in a way that one colour does not dominate the other one as it will take the bohemian look out of it.

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    It is better that the fabrics are soft and the texture has that soft touch about it. Don’t choose fabrics like nylon, chiffon or polyester. Fabrics that make you feel comfortable while you’re donning them are preferable in bohemian dressing.

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    In creating a bohemian clothing, embroidery plays an immense role. Bohemian dressing is at its best when the embroidery is floral or geometric. However, don’t go for machine-made embroidery as embroidery done by hand will give it a beautifully imperfect look.

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    The dresses that you wear in bohemian sense, should be loose and have a flowing look about them. Work on the border prints. If you’re of short stature, wear skirts that are of knee height so as it will look good on you. Ankle length skirts are recommended for tall women.

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    If you want to wear pants, use the loose gaucho pants as they personify the bohemian style.

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