How to Care for Dress Leather Boots

Leather is considered to be a long-lasting material. However, it starts wearing out, if not handled with care. The dress leather boots are not a cheap item to wear. Therefore, damaging your leather shoes is not a good idea.

Typically made of patent leader, the dress leather shoes are slightly flashier than the typical leather products. Since nobody wants to see a shiny boot getting dirty, some extra care needs to be given.

It is not about putting a lot of shoe polish on the boots. It requires proper maintenance. From cleaning dirt to polishing, a few careful moves are required to make the shoes look new.

Things Required:

– Soft cloths
– Mineral oil


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    First of all, remove all the dirt present on the shoes. For this, take a piece of soft cloth, and wipe off the dress leather boots.  Sometimes, the dirt remains in the corners and tiny portions on the sides of the boots. Remove all the dirt gently. One cannot afford to ignore even a little dust, because it will look weird.

    If your shoes have some dirt patches, you can use a damp piece of cloth. Make sure the cloth is not too wet, because the water may damage the leader. Quickly remove all the moisture from the boots after cleaning the dirt with a damp piece of cloth. You should also clean the inner side of the shoes.

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    Once the dirt is completely removed, take another soft cloth and put only a few drops of mineral oil on it. Any extra quantity would help your cause by no means. Also don’t put oil directly onto the boots.

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    Now, it is the time to rub the mineral on the leather. Do it gently, allowing the oil to do its job. If you feel that the oil is not enough, put a few more drops on the cloth.

    Keep rubbing the surface, until the shoes start giving a nice shiny look. You need ensure that there are no scuff marks present on the shoes.

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    When not wearing, you should keep the shoes at a safe dry place. The best idea is to store them in the original box. There is no need to wrap a shopping bag, because the leather needs air to stay fresh.

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