How to Look Like Candice Swanepoel

Candice Swanepoel is one of the most popular models, hailing from South Africa. She became famous for her work with Victoria’s Secret. Candice has a wonderful body, a charismatic personality, and is considered to be among the most highly paid models in the fashion industry.

There are millions of girls all around the world who dream of looking like Swanepoel. However, unless you are tall and naturally possess a perfect figure, you would have to work extremely hard to look like one of the most desired girls of the present era.


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    Hair colour

    Girls who are blessed with natural honey blonde tresses, have to make little effort to become a high-quality model. If you are not one of those, you may have to visit a colourist to become a blonde. If your hair is black or dark, you may just get a lighter shade. However, you must ensure that the shade suits your personality and skin tone, and does not look very artificial.

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    Length of the hair

    Candice possesses long and wavy hair. In her recent interviews, the top model revealed that she does not work too hard on her hair and only gets a little trimming done every now and then. This may sound untrue to some of her fans, but this is actually correct because too many treatments spoil the natural look of your hair.

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    Healthy diet and exercise

    In order to look like Candice, you will have to work very hard on different parts of your body. All the models are particular about their diets, with breakfast being their most crucial meal of the day. Instead of eating too much junk food, you should look to have fresh vegetables and fruits. Apart from keeping you healthy, fruits and vegetables are very good for your skin.

    Swanepoel works very hard in the gym, especially on her abs. In order to be a successful model, it is imperative that you have very tight abs. You must make an effort to have perfect thighs like her as well.

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    Dressing sense

    You may have a wonderful body but you cannot look like Swanepoel unless you give enough importance to your wardrobe. Even your casual dresses should be stylish and graceful.

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