How to Look Cute When You’re Heavy Set

Mostly people take overweight as a curse as being chubby makes it difficult to look attractive and beautiful. A general concept is that it confines you to certain kind of styles, fashion and attires which ultimately brings monotonous in your look.

This is absolutely a wrong notion as you can be adorable without making any change in your figure. You just need to use your wits while dressing and styling. Start reducing burden on your mind instead of making plans to lose weight.

Trust me, you can amaze everyone with your looks by making little bit adjustments to your choice. It is all about wearing right fabric, colour, cut and using proper accessories.


  • 1

    Know your figure:

    It is very important to know your exact size as ill-fitted outfits can really make you look larger. Remember, you are buying clothes not a tent to hide. Choose pieces that flatter your body and fit you right.

  • 2

    Determine your body shape:

    Not all the chubby bodies are same as it may carry its weight around stomach, thighs or in upper body. So you should choose those outfits that compliment your body shape.

  • 3

    Wear long tops and coats:

    Long and fitted tops that cover your hipbone can make you look thinner as they reduce the appearance of fatness. Similarly, straight-legged trouser and pants are also helpful to hide the thickness of your thighs.

  • 4

    Choose colours wisely:

    You should not wear dark colours as they will make you look unattractive sometimes. However, you should also avoid too much light colours as they look dull and unflattering. Bold and bright shades can move others’ attention away from your bulkiness.

  • 5

    Break away from large prints/patterns:

    You should choose the fabric with small prints and patterns as it will not hide your curves rather present it in more pleasing way. Huge patterns automatically catch the eye and draw attentions to your figure.

  • 6

    Use a body shaper:

    Wearing a body shaper is really good idea if you have a saggy and improper figure. This will make you more pleasing for the eyes and you will be able to achieve a premium look.

  • 7

    A proper hairdo:

    Short hair can make you look heavy as such kind of style exposes your face. So you should pick hair style very wisely to have a handsome look.

  • 8


    Use proper accessories like, bold and funky jewellery, scarf, belt or shoulder bag as it will make your outfit more presentable. However, do not bury yourself under too much accessories as it will have an opposite effect.

  • 9


    Apply your make-up sensibly as it should be decent and elegant. Remember, too much layers can make you look clown so just streamline yourself by sticking to your skin tone.

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