How to Wear Jimmy Choo Kani Crisscross Platform Sandals

High heels and diamonds are a match made in female heaven, and Jimmy Choo came up with the perfect combination with the Kani crisscross platform sandals. An elegant, skin-coloured high-heeled shoe, embellished with Swarovski crystals, the sandals are incredibly versatile, and can be worn in many ways, although the bling might initially make many owners limit these shoes to fancy events.


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    These platform sandals can form a great part of a breezy summer outfit. When the length and layers are shed in favour of shorts and skirts, try pairing your Jimmy Choo Kani crisscross platform sandals with a swirly short skirt, or a mini skirt. Throw a matching top into the mix, and accessorise with a chunky gold bracelet and a clutch that matches the colour combination of your clothes. Since the sandals are nude in colour, try going for an outfit that incorporates fun, summery, day-time colours like sky blue, tangerine, or bright shades of pink or green. As far as makeup is concerned, go for nude lips to complement the shoes – however, make the eyes a bit more dramatic, to balance it all out. This could serve as a perfect outfit for a daytime shopping trip in the city.

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    However, the sandals are not just limited to summer. They can form an equally attractive part of a winter get-up, or an outfit for work, should you choose to pair them up with pants. Wear a pair of formal or cropped navy blue pants, paired with a casual ivory shirt, and add your Jimmy Choo Kani crisscross platform sandals into the mix, to give the outfit some punch. A formal clutch, thin gold hoops, and some deep, dramatic lipstick will add a perfect finishing touch to the outfit.

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    Along with the more casual outfits, the sandals lend a great deal of glamour to a formal or party outfit. In summers, pair them with a baby blue Boho-inspired dress, and complete the outfit with subtle gold jewellery, minimalist natural makeup with hints of coral, and an embroidered clutch – this is a great look for summer parties and weddings. Similarly, you can jazz up your winter party outfits with your Jimmy Choos – pair them with a skin-coloured lace dress, a matte gold clutch, and add in hints of colour with red and gold jewellery, and red nail polish. You can also wear them with a longer, more sweeping dress, with a dramatic slit that you can use to show your shoes off.

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    In addition to going well with more formal outfits, these sandals are also great for more adventurous clothes. Try pairing them with a bold, bright jumpsuit with loud colours against a darker backdrop. The brightness and extravagance of the jumpsuit will be off-set by the nude, more muted sandals, although the Swarovski crystals will add just the right amount of shine. Complete the look with accessories that complement the shoes, to balance out the craziness of the jumpsuit – go with a small dull gold clutch, a chunky gold necklace, and add in the bright pop of some red lip gloss.

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