How to Make Shoe Bags For plus Size Feet

Shoe bags come very handy when you have to carry your shoes for safe travelling. Especially when you have plus size feet and got huge pair of shoes for them, you find a desperate need of shoe bags. These bags can also be used to organise all the shoes within your closet in a decorative and creative manner. You can make your own shoe bags out of fabric at home. This will allow you to make the bag fitting of your requirements and choice. This fun-filled activity will be worth it when you finish making your own fancy shoe bags.


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    The size of the shoe bags you are about to prepare directly depends upon the dimensions of your shoes. Measure the length of your shoes first, then height of the heels to get an exact idea of how bigger bag you have to make for putting them comfortably.

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    For determining the size of the shoe bag, you should leave some extra space to accommodate the shoes easily. The bag should have ample space to facilitate the shoes and still have to vacant space after putting them in.

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    Mark the dimensions of the shoe bag on the soft, durable fabric with the help of chalk or a marker. Leave an extra inch at the top edge for making the casing and then cut two pieces of fabric of the same size.

  • 4

    Place the two pieces of fabric over one another and start stitching them together along the two long edges and one short edge. Try to make regular small stitches and then lock them out at the ends by reversing. Now use scissors to cut about ¼ inch fabric from the edges.

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    You have to prevent the edges of your shoe bag from fraying and for that purpose, you need to make small zigzag stitches along the edges.

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    You have to make a hole of the button at the top of the shoe bag. You can see the instructions for this task on your sewing machine and must turn the bag right side out before doing it. You have to make the button hole about ¾ inches from the top and its size should be enough to let a ribbon pass through it.

  • 7

    The top edge of the bag should be folded about 1 ¼ inches and stitch the casing with the sewing machine.

  • 8

    Pass the ribbon through the button holes and the casing. Tie the knot on each end of the ribbon and your shoe bag is ready to use.

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