Pants To Wear With White Shoes

There are all types of fashion going on these days. Some are totally new while others are making a comeback. Some are classy while others are strange and unusual.

Wearing white shoes is nothing new and is one of the hipper trends from the past which is now back in business. They appear unusual but if you pull it off properly, they look pretty good. There are many options that you can exercise in what pants you want to wear with these shoes and picking the right pair can make them look great or awful.


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    Black Leather Pants

    This will just look awesome. With your white shiny leather shoes, a pair of perfectly contrasting black leather pants. The combination will look like a killer. Leather pants are not easy to wear so be sure that you are comfortable with them before you put them on. You will need to wear ones that fit well and are not loose.

    To add more to the charm, you can get a nice leather jacket, in black obviously and a stylish shirt that goes with the whole attire. Have those Elvis Presley like shades and you will look like a complete rock star. The whole black look may be a touch strange but it goes very well with the contrasting white shoes.

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    White Pants

    These will look quite well too. The white shoes and white pants combination is quite an old one. They look rather well together and you can add to the appeal by wearing a white coat and a white shirt. Put on black neck tie and a nice white hat and your mob boss look from the good old times will be ready. Just don’t do what these guys did afterwards back in the day.

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    Blue Jeans

    This is a bit of experimentation as most people prefer to wear formal pants over the white shoes. This will be a fashion statement of your own. Get the ones that can cover a little bit of the shoes as well. Make sure that they are light blue as they will look really nice and different with the shoes. It is also advisable that have jeans that are not too baggy as that will take the impact of the shoes away.

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