How to Make a Fabric Flower Pin

Fabric flowers are commonly used to decorate hats, skirts, bags and sweaters. These colourful flowers really look nice, especially when placed on clothes of small children. Making a fabric flower pin at home can be a really fun-filled activity and allow you to express your creative skills effectively. You will simply need a pin back and glue it to a fabric flower to complete the task. These pin backs can be easily found in the market in different sizes and shapes. However, pin backs are mostly available in packets of a dozen and you will need many fabric flowers.


  • 1

    Take a piece of fabric and cut two 4-inch squares out of it. This shall become the base of the fabric flower and you can vary its size accordingly. Remember that the flower will be slightly wider than this fabric base.

  • 2

    Now cut two squares of fabric and make sure their size is about 1 to ½ inch smaller than the first set of squares. Again cut two more squares of fabric and ensure they are 1 to ½ inch smaller than the second set of squares. Now you have three sets of squares with different sizes.

  • 3

    Take one fabric square at a time, fold it in half and then again fold it in half. Take scissors and carefully trim the unfolded edges of each square in a round shape. This scalloping of unfolded edges will make the shape of flower petals.

  • 4

    Open up the folds of the fabric squares and make slits between the round areas using scissors. Make sure that you don’t cut the petals entirely but only slits are to be made.

  • 5

    Normally fabric petals get ravelled after the passage of time and it is better to apply some anti-frying gel on them to keep them upright.

  • 6

    Apply some hot glue at the centre of the largest fabric square and place the other piece of the same size on it. Press them both tightly so that they are stick together from the centre.

  • 7

    Open up the slits in the upper fabric piece and pull the petals of the flower through them.

  • 8

    Repeat step number 6 and 7 with the other two pairs of flowers.

  • 9

    Pile up the three flowers on one another, with the smallest one on the top and the largest one at the bottom. Keep adding a small dab of hot glue to join the three flowers at the centre.

  • 10

    Apply some glue at the pin back and attach it to the fabric flower. Let the glue cool down.

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