What is the Best Thing to Wear for a Long Day of Shopping

Most people, especially women, love to shop – the experience of browsing through different shops at the mall, encountering great sales and bargains, and coming home with bags filled with beautiful new purchases, is something pretty much every member of the female species enjoys immensely.

However, while shopping is great in small doses, or when done at a leisurely pace, sometimes you might be forced to spend a long, tiring day at the mall. This could be due to a variety of reasons – you might need to shop for a wedding or any other big event that is just around the corner, you might make sudden travel plans and need to purchase a bunch of items for that, or you might end up rushing to the mall to complete all your Christmas shopping in one day.

Regardless of the reason, spending a long day shopping is a tiring and exhausting experience for most people. In order to select the right items, and buy them at the right price, you need to be in a relaxed state of mind. For this reason, making sure you dress appropriately for a long day of shopping is crucial. What you decide to wear should be trendy, comfortable, versatile and strategic. Anyone can choose clothes that make them feel comfortable and relaxed while shopping; however, by thinking a little creatively, you can combine comfort with style, and create a look that puts you at ease and makes you look gorgeous at the same time.


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    Wear your favourite t-shirt

    Most experts believe that a t-shirt is probably the best thing to wear while shopping; while this might seem obvious, since a t-shirt is such a basic item of clothing, many women try to squeeze themselves into sheath dresses or mini skirts in a bid to look glamorous, and these can make for an uncomfortable shopping experience. Select the best t-shirt you have, which is versatile and comfortable at the same time. T-shirts offer a lot of room for experimentation, so you can either go for muted, pastel shades, or brighter hues to add a pop of colour to your look.

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    A staple in most closets, jeans are extremely comfortable, and the perfect thing to wear for a long day at the mall. Wear your most comfortable pair of jeans, which have been worn a couple of times before - new jeans tend to be a bit stiff, and might make you feel uncomfortable. In addition, it is also important to avoid wearing skinny or slim-fit jeans, as these might restrict blood circulation, and can even give you a rash, if worn for a long day at the mall during summer.

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    A long knit skirt or a casual trouser

    If you tend to avoid jeans in general, and feel uncomfortable in them, you can opt for a long knit skirt instead - avoid short or mini skirts, as these are not practical for a long shopping trip. You can also wear casual trousers while shopping, as these make for a cute and comfortable option.

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    Denim jacket

    If it is chilly outside, you may wear a denim or leather jacket to go with your favourite t-shirt. Jackets can be extremely attractive and add an element of style to your look, all the while keeping you comfortable and protected from the chill in the air.

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    Selecting the right pair of shoes is probably the most important decision for when you are going out for a long day of shopping. Keep in mind that you will have to walk a lot during the day; therefore, comfortable shoes are a must. You can wear sneakers with jeans as they are comfortable and your feet will not hurt or get blistered. If you're wearing casual trousers or long skirts, sandals are also a great choice as they are exceedingly comfortable.

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