How to Wear a Neon Pink Clutch Bag

Neon shades have made quite a mark in our fashion trends. From celebrities to everyone on the street, Neon is everywhere. Neon shirts, shoes, jewellery and bags have become a major hit among fashion followers of all ages, particularly teenagers who love the for the pop that they give to one’s appearance. Carrying a neon clutch bag can certainly help you stand out of the crowd, especially if it is of a colour as funky and admired as pink. However, you have to blend it correctly with the whole appearance to make an overall effect. With a neon pink clutch in your hand, be prepared to be showered with all the admiring and even envious looks. Prepare to pull it off in a sizzling hot way with our step by step guide. We have suggested three different ways to spot a neon bag and combine it amazingly with your whole outfit.


  • 1

    All black with neon:

    To make the clutch stand out and concentrate all attention on it, go for the all black look. Nothing does better justice to pink than black. Wear a smart cut dress that does justice to your figure. Put on simple earrings and heels. Now grab the clutch in one hand and you are set to go. What you can also do to enhance the effect of the pink is to get pink shoes and combine them with the black dress and the clutch. This way you will make an amazing combination of colours that is hard to imitate. This outfit can be work for any formal event or a classy hangout with friends.

  • 2

    Go all neon:

    If the party is crazy and you feel really colourful, put on a neon orange shirt and green pants. Wear a strand of long beads or necklace. Put on some bangles or wrist bands. Flash a pair of neon pumps in orange, purple or electric blue. To spice up everything, get your neon clutch and you are all set to rock everything.

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    The colour match:

    Feeling a bit conservative? If you do not want to experiment with something as crazy as putting different colour neon stuff, you can stick to the established rules. Wear a pink shirt, skirt or dress. Stick to black or blue pants or leggings. Now you can carry your clutch. This is the safest and most used option that never fails to attract the right kind of attention and applause. The matching of the shirt and the bag will give you confidence on your appearance and your personality will reflect that.

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