How to Be Horror Punk

A music genre made popular by late 1970s rock bands like The Misfits, Horror Punk has evolved into a fashion style that combines elements of punk style with a love of horror movie gimmicks and costumes. Similar to the Gothic style in certain ways, horror punk is fairly morbid, but the punk element makes it more aggressive, rebellious and “in-your-face”, as opposed to the more menacing, silent, and subdued trends of Gothic fashion. If you are wildly inspired by The Misfits, or simply a fan of both punk music and horror movies, you might consider adopting the Horror Punk style as a part of your look and personality.


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    Begin by getting into the mental Horror Punk zone through music. The Misfits are a must-listen if you are looking to channel this style, and in addition to the band that gave birth to the style, you can also listen to Samhain, Murderdoll, Bela B. & Balzac, Calabrese, and AFI. Download albums by these bands, put them in your iPod or in your car, and listen to them on the go, so you always remain in the Horror Punk frame of mind. The type of music you listen to defines you, so make sure you don’t start developing a fondness for artists like Justin Bieber or Adele.

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    Tailor your wardrobe to suit the Horror Punk style. Make sure the clothes you buy are all black, gray, or white – do not purchase anything that is brightly-colured. Your t-shirts should be adorned with gruesome illustrations of monsters and/or zombies, or morbid slogans, while your pants should either be khaki, or black jeans. As far as hair color is concerned, you might consider dyeing it black, or a dirty platinum blond. When it comes to shoes, do not wear anything open-toed, or something that might be considered casual – wear black boots (spiky ones are perfect, but combat boots work great too), or black, scruffy sneakers.

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    Makeup and jewellery are also essential elements of the Horror Punk look. While wearing your face as a stark white mask with black holes around the eyes is great, it might be too extreme a look for places like school or work. Wear lots of dark eyeliner, consider an eyebrow or labret piercing, invest in skull rings and chains, and wear lots of spiky jewellery. If you can afford to go all out crazy, consider investing in a skull mask. Wear your hair in devil locks, a Mohawk, or extreme spikes.

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    Finally, once you have the look down pat, make sure you have the knowledge to back it. Read up on Horror Punk as a rebellious sub-culture, and be familiar with all types of horror folklore and legend. Watch lots of horror movies (even the bad ones), and know all there is to know about monsters like vampires, werewolves, and the undead.

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