How to Care for Your Thera Band Hand Exerciser

A very popular method for strengthening your forearms, fingers and hands is to use a Thera-Band Hand exerciser. The soft gel-like device which is basically shaped like a little ball provides just enough resistance to help you get a decent progressive work-out of your hands. This device is also very useful for post-surgery rehabilitation of the hands and fingers as it provides just the right amount of difficulty. The benefit of this device is that it can be used hot or cold by simply warming the device in the microwave or freezer. The Thera-Band Hand exerciser comes in both standard and large sizes which are useful for those people with longer fingers or larger hands. The different resistance levels are colour-coded to make it relatively easy to decide which device is suitable for you. The therapeutic benefits of the Thera-Band Hand exerciser have made the device very popular as most users are constantly holding the device all day long. As with most things, your Thera-Band Hand exerciser can get dirty from excessive use. However, it is relatively easy to take care of your Thera-Band Hand Exerciser.


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    Soak and Thoroughly Wash:

    Take your Thera-Band Hand exerciser and carefully soak it in water. Take some shampoo which is used to treat dandruff and thoroughly wash. The properties of dandruff shampoo are perfect for using with your Thera-Band Hand exerciser. This will effectively eliminate all the dirt and other things sticking to your Thera-Band Hand exerciser.

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    Carefully Dry:

    It is very important to not let your Thera-Band Hand exerciser lay around while it is wet as it has a tendency to stick to things. This can make your device hard to remove. Carefully dry your device to ensure it is suitable for use. Also, be sure to not touch your device with anything so as to avoid dirt from sticking to it.

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    Coat with Flour:

    Due to the sticky nature of the Thera-Band Hand exerciser, it is important to cover it with flour once you have finished washing and drying it. This will remove the stickiness from it and also limit the amount of oil and dirt that can adhere to it.

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    Repeat this Process Everyday:

    If you use your Thera-Band Hand exerciser regularly, then you are aware of how dirty and sticky the device can become. The best way to maintain your device is to get in to a routine of washing and cleaning your device. This will keep it fresh and free from becoming sticky or oily.

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