How to Become a Reiki Master

The idea of becoming a Reiki Master might seem like something beyond an average person, but if you have a desire to grow, you can master the skills needed to become an expert. Becoming a Reiki Master takes more than just having a number of techniques and knowledge as patience and ambition are two things that will decide your fate as a potential Reiki Master.

Once you master the art of Reiki and consider yourself an expert, you will not only enjoy teaching it to others but you also treat yourself even better with the help of additional healing energy, techniques and symbols.


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    Make up your mind about becoming a Reiki Master. This is the most important step toward achieving this goal as most people who wish to embark on this journey, quit after completing the first or second levels of Reiki. Now that you have made up your mind about becoming a Reiki Master, you first have to pass three levels before you can finally learn to become Master under the guidance of an experienced teacher.

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    Pass Reiki 1. This is the first level of Reiki, which will teach you four Reiki attunements. After you have completed the first level, you should be able to treat yourself and others too. Reiki 1 conducts a few seminars focused on teaching you practical applications of this skill.

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    Pass Reiki 2. In this level, which usually begins after over 2 to 3 months of the Reiki 1, you learn the skills of remote treatment. Level two actually concentrates on personal growth, helping you learn how to use the universal energy in your daily life.

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    Explore Reiki 3A. The third level normally begins after over six months of your second level. This level also focuses primarily on personal growth. Reiki 3A will decide whether you are able to continue to the next level, which will make you a Reiki Master.

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    Having completed Reiki 3A, you can now join the Master training program. The Reiki Network you are working with in your area should be able to tell you about the fees and the time it takes to complete the Master training. This Master training program can last longer than a year, depending on how your Network arranges the course. You will be given a Reiki Network Manual, which is all about how you can teach Reiki to others. You will have to demonstrate that you can conduct seminars and heal students.

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