How to Shine Your Shoes

Are you tired of seeing your shoes all worn-out after a few days since you have bought them? Do you think you made a poor decision about buying certain type of shoes? Do you think they will never shine again? Well, think again, because polishing these shoes can help you make them look new again. Polishing can help you bring back the shine which these shoes once had. In a few easy swipes, your shoes will be back to what they were once you bought them. However, you need to work on how to polish these shoes. Moreover, you also have to work on the fact that your shoes will not remain clean and new forever; you will have to polish them at least once after every two to three days. In case you don’t know how to polish your shoes, use the following easy steps and restore the shine which your shoes once had.


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    To start off, you must first clean off all the dust particles and dirt which is on the surface of your shoes or boots. At times when the dirt is a lot, you must clean it with water but in that case you will have to wait long to polish you shoes. Why? Because the shoe remains wet and during that time you cannot polish it. It is advised that you soak a piece of cloth in water and then rub it over the shoe’s surface and clean it.

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    After the surface of the shoe is clean, grab a polishing brush and start rubbing it over the shoe. This will help you further clean your shoe and remove all dust particles and dirt on the surface. You will notice that your shoes might have already started to look cleaner.

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    Now you need a wax cream shoe polish that is matching the colour of your shoe. For instance, if your shoe is black then buy a black shoe polish and brown for brown, etc.

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    Apply the shoe polish on the brush and start rubbing the brush in circular motions, on the surface of the shoe. Make sure that you rub thoroughly because this will help you restore the shine which you crave for.

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    Use a toothbrush for spots which you can’t reach easily.

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    Wait for at least ten minutes so that the polish can dry.

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    Now use a shoeshine brush on your shoes.

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    Now use a cotton cloth and start rubbing your shoe. This is going to help you bring back the gleaming shine.

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