Five Gossip Girl Inspired Outfits

The Gossip Girl was the most popular TV show in the year 2000. However, it came to an end. There were a lot of fashionable pieces in the show and there are even different styles for every character.

Even if you are not a fan of the show, you must have seen how the fans have managed to use the fashionable moments in the show in order to look good. It is one of the most influential shows on TV and it influenced our whole generation in terms of fashion. The characters, Serena, Blair, Lily, Jenny and Vanessa are all fashionable characters and they have managed to move the fashion world after doing this show.


  • 1

    Blair Waldrof on her first day of university

    Blair Waldorf is the one who wears this outfit. She knows how to get dressed for success. She is always wearing head-bangs and dresses which are extremely elegant. Moreover, she always acts as if she is the boss of everybody. On her very first day of university, she wore this dress which is dark red and a bag which is printed with the python pattern. In order to tone it down a little, she wore white heels and an extremely feminine necklace which gave a feel of vintage Hollywood.

  • 2

    Serena in Paris

    Paris, also known as the city of love, made Serena wear the trendiest clothes ever. They were designed with soft and gentle colours, which also make her look a little bit French. She wore wide pants, which seemed to be extremely comfortable and even trendy. She also wore them in almost every different colour. While she was wearing it in pink, she added a necklace which was coloured aqua and that brings a different colour to the hot pink she was exhibiting.

  • 3

    Lily Van der Woodsen-Bass-Humphrey

    Even though she is playing the role of one of the worst mothers on TV, she has still managed to become a fashion icon and her personal style does not only suit her, but a lot of other women of her age. Lily Van Der Woodsen-Bass-Humphrey has shown how she is the iconic mom when it comes to style and fashion. She is always aware of the fact that accessorize can easily help you look better with any outfit. She is always going for the over-sized necklaces and adds a lot of bold colours to all her outfits.

  • 4

    Little J in Brooklen

    Even though she looks like a really girlish figure throughout the TV series, she was still the queen of punk later on in a few episodes. While she was playing to be almost a nobody when she was in Brooklyn, she still managed to show how she is a fashion icon. The outfit she wore at the “The White Party”, she managed to show how she can look extremely trendy. She broke the rules of the white party and managed to show others how you can make your own rules just by looking gorgeous.

  • 5

    The Casual Vanessa

    Vanessa was one of those characters who showed time and time again how she doesn’t care what other think about her. She always had extremely colourful outfits to wear, with abstract prints and they were always good to take a look at. She always chose her own style and never tried to look like one of those Upper East Side girls. She mostly wore neon heels, and mixed them with shorts and a top which always looked great in summer. Moreover, she added a bit of jewellery and a bag on a daily basis.

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