How to Choose the Perfect Watch

Are you looking forward to buy a new watch? You do not know where to start from? Do not worry, this is something almost every one of us goes through. With so many watch brands in the market, we all get confused as to which one to pick. It gets even worse when you go out in the market and look at the variety of watches that is available. All you have to do is simply list down your requirements and avoid being trapped in the marketing gimmicks the salesmen will shower upon you.


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    Understand why you need to buy a new watch. Do you want a watch for sports, gym or a watch for parties? Should the watch be formal or casual? You need to decide upon all these factors before you start searching for a new watch.

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    Determine the usage of the new watch. Will you use the watch on daily basis or just specific occasions? Some highly expensive watches are not sturdy enough to be worn daily. Therefore, do not think that the price will matter in this case.

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    Determine the movement you are looking for. Chronograph, multiple time zones and other similar movements are available out there. Before going to the market, make a random internet search to see which movement suits your purpose the most.

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    Decide whether you want a digital watch or an analogue watch. While analogue watches are considered to be more stylish, digital watches can you tell you time easier. For sporting purposes, digital watches are mostly preferred.

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    Determine the shape you want to go for. You can either buy rectangular or round watches. While mostly round watches are preferred, at times rectangular watches can look better. If you have been an avid watch user, you would know which shape suits you most.

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    Determine the material you want to go for. For casual daily day purposes, steel watches are preferred most, as they are sturdy and they look good as well. On the other hand, for heavy sport usage, rubber watches are preferred such as Casio G-Shock, Timex Ironman, and the like.

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