Best Women’s Sunglasses for Small Face

Sunglasses add to the feminine style.

Buying a pair of glasses is perhaps not that hard. There are hundreds of fascinating styles available in the market. But the real problem arises when a specific pair of glasses does not look good on your face.

Women with small or narrow faces, in particular, face difficulty in this regard. Not every pair of glasses suits the women with small faces, and a pair should only be bought after through considerations. This article will also give you a guideline about the type of frames which small-faced women can sport.


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    Heart-shaped sunglasses are the best possible option for ladies with small face.  If you have wide forehead and cheekbones with a narrow chin, you should select nothing, but this design.

    These sunglasses come in various shades and styles and you will hardly find any difficulty in choosing the one that compliment your dress and makeup.

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    Wide Arms

    Glasses with wide arms are another ideal choice in this regard. The biggest advantage of this design is that it makes the forehead look narrower.

    When buying sunglasses with wide arms, you can choose the brown one with a dotted pattern. Ladies with blonde hair are particularly look gorgeous with these sunglasses.

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    Upswept corners

    Sunglasses with upswept corners also look beautiful, as they give a futuristic twist. These glasses are relatively expensive and you need at least $100 to get this item.

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    Blue Lenses

    Women with wide eyes should quickly buy this design. The blue lenses draw attention to the eyes.

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    The dotted arms of these shades create an awesome look. But since the glasses are slightly larger in size, they may not suit every small face. So, don’t buy them without a try.

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    Giant Jackie

    These glasses are relatively inexpensive and would suit you if your cheeks and chin are narrow.

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    A dash of aviator

    It is an old-fashioned design that is still very much famous among the young girls. The prices of these glasses are not affordable for everybody though.

  • 8

    Raised Bridge

    The raised bridge sunglasses are quite typical in nature, but significantly enhance the beauty by emphasising the cheekbones.

  • 9

    Gunmetal accents

    This design is really popular among the college girls. The price of these shades is quite affordable and this is perhaps the biggest reason behind its popularity.

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