How to Distress Your Jeans with Bleach

Distressing a jean means cutting and fading it, eventually transforming into a trendy one. If you like torn and faded designer jeans then distressing your old jeans at home is a great option for you. Fading a jean with bleach is a simple process but distressing the jeans involves a different bleaching process.

Things Required:

– Protective rubber gloves and mask
– 2 buckets
– Large sponge
– Large trash bags
– Rags for cleanup
– 40-grit sandpaper
– Sharp-tipped scissors
– Tweezers
– Access to clothes washer (preferred)
– Fabric softener (optional)


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    First of all you need to find a table on where you will distress your jean. Place the table near a window and cover it in order to protect it from bleach stains. Also cover the floor and table edges. In order to protect the jeans you are wearing while distressing then you should wear an apron.

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    Prepare the jeans

    You should first lay the jeans on the table which you have covered.  In case you want to block the back of the jeans from distressing then stuff the legs and front with trash can bags. If you do not mind distressing both front and back then you do not need to place the trash can bags.

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    Bleaching solution

    Fill up the first bucket with warm water. Remember to fill a quarter of the bucket. Then add quart of bleach in the warm water. Mix it with a paint stirring stick or any other stick. Then take the second bucket and fill it ¾ full of warm water.

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    Distress jeans

    Apply the bleaching solution on the jeans with help of a sponge. Remember to put on protective rubber gloves before using the sponge dipped in a bleach solution. Work it form the top down towards the ankles. You need to apply the amount of bleach according to how much bleaching you desire. Work on one side first and then flip it to apply it on the back side. If you feel you need to apply more bleach then sponge it again. When you get the desire bleaching effect, put the jeans in the clean water bucket in order to stop bleaching.

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    Wash the jeans in a washing machine. In case you want to wash by hands, place it in a large bucket or bathtub with warm water and detergent. Then stir the jeans in the solution.

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    After washing, dry it by laying it under the sun or putting it in the dryer. With the help of sandpaper, you can scrape away the jeans’ fabric from places where you want to see fraying.

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