How to Break In Pointe Shoes Properly

Pointe shoes are specifically designed for stage dancers as they give a comfortable feel and the weightlessness helps the dancer to move freely across the stage. Apparently, these shoes look really soft because of the material used but reality is quite different. There is no doubt in that they are delicate but they are also hard enough to support the dancer’s feet.

This makes breaking in a Pointe shoe a bit difficult. However, a few simple yet effective techniques can make things lot easier and you can easily break them in before your dance performance.


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    Invest in a decent shoe:

    Remember, the most common mistake people make is to buy cheap low quality shoes. This really causes trouble as you remain uncomfortable. Ultimately, this will affect your dance performance as well. Moreover, low quality shoes won’t last long and you will have to spend a decent amount of money anyways to replace your low quality shoes. So, if you really want to save money and get a decent pair of shoes then invest in a high quality brand.

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    Consider the shape while sewing elastic and ribbon:

    You must remember that not every ribbon or elastic works well with every shoe. You must consider the shape of shoes and the comfort factor before sewing elastic or ribbon for Pointe shoes.

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    Break in the shoe:

    Though, there are multiple methods to do this but most of the dancers prefer to put on the shoe and rest their fingers to shank. Another way is to tie the ribbon or elastic and slip your foot in while wearing toe pads.

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    Make yourself comfortable:

    Do not expect an instant grip as your feet and shoes will take time to get settled. The best way to make yourself comfortable is to wear Pointe shoes for the maximum amount of time. Do not worry as you can do anything like cooking, washing and cleaning. You can even sleep with your shoes on.

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    Soften the sole:

    You must try to soften the sole of your Pointe shoes to make them more comfortable and easy to dance in. The best way is to sweat hard as the moisture from your foot and socks really make the sole soft. However, you can also steam the shoes to make them soft. However, to avoid any damage, do not put your shoes in steam for more than 10 seconds.

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    Test the shoes:

    You must test the shoes to confirm that they are comfortable enough to wear for your dance performance. Slow grand piling, treading or rising to the Pointe are a few techniques for this purpose.

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