How to Paint a T Shirt

Painting a T-shirt is not only a very easy task but is great fun too. These most commonly wore garments nowadays are liked by all. So keeping in mind the age group, you can use your creativity to design it with text, pictures, logos or whatever interests the person for whom you are designing it. These painted t-shirts make unique gift for your friends and family and will give you a sense of accomplishment. Kids will love if you paint them a shirt with their favorite cartoon character, or you can make them do it themselves – something which they will enjoy a lot. If you are getting bored, the idea of painting a t-shirt is a good time pass and it is economic as well since plain t-shirts – preferably white – are the best option for painting and they are available at very cheap rates. In the end, they will be much better than a branded t-shirt. Painting a t-shirt is not a big deal and can be done quite easily at home by following the given steps.

Things required:

– Plain t-shirt
– Fabric Paints
– Cardboard
– Stencil
– Spray paint


  • 1

    First of all get the t-shirt that you want to paint. It should be a plain t-shirt and should have a light colour to get best results. Then choose the colors of the fabric paint accordingly. You can choose either spray paints or liquid paints to be applied with brushes.

  • 2

    Carefully trace the design of your choice with a pencil. If you are using spray paints then draw the design on a cardboard and make a stencil.

  • 3

    Insert a card paper or some other paper like newspaper inside the t-shirt to prevent the back side from getting stains of paint.

  • 4

    Paint the design of your choice either with brush or with the help of stencil and spray paints and let it dry for some time.

  • 5

    The painted t-shirt is ready to wear.

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