How to Make a Hula Skirt

Hula skirts are traditional clothes of African and Hawaiian tribes. When you think of hula skirts, there emerges an image of girls wearing it and dancing in the tribal tradition. It is one of the best choices for costume parties. If you are going to attend one and can’t figure out your outfit then do not panic or get anxious, just try wearing a hula skirt. It is easy to make, nothing much will be needed for making a hula skirt.

Things Required

– Paper grocery bag

– Measuring scale

– Scissors

– Tape

– String


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    Take a paper grocery bag, open it up by cutting it till the bottom and then flatten it on the floor in a landscape form. Mark 2 inches from the top to bottom of the bag and then draw a straight horizontal line all around it. Then start cutting the strips of half inches from that line to the end of the bag. Be careful while measuring the size of the strips because un-even strips will not look good. You will have to use two or three paper grocery bags to get the hula skirt fit around your waist.

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    Repeat the above process on other two bags and then join the bags together with the help of a tape from the upper 2 inch band. Take a string and tape it all the way on the upper part of the skirt and leave some more string at the ends so that you can tie a bow on your waist. Your hula skirt is ready.

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    You can also make hula skirt with raffia or ribbon, this one looks more colourful and funky. You will also enjoy making and wearing it then. Take one or two spools of raffia in the same or different colours, it is up to your choice. Measure your waist and cut three strands of raffia by increasing 9 inches more on both ends. Tie them in the form of braid.

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    Measure your length from waist to mid-calf or ankle, and then cut 100 or more raffia strands of that size, the count of strands depend on the size of your waist. If you are fat then you will need more than 200 raffia strands for the hula skirt. Stick these strands on the braid you have already made with raffia by using fabric glue. Use enough glue so that it sticks properly and leave it for a few minutes to dry.

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