How to Dress Street Chic

Everyone thinks that becoming and dressing like a street chic is as hard as breaking a stone with water. Well, it may just be a misconception as one can easily dress up like a hot street chic if she follows the correct guidelines and goes through every step with a sense of responsibility and understanding. The easiest thing is flooding yourself with the confidence that you can become what you desire to be and probably the hardest part for the process is choosing the dress that would in fact make you one hot street chic.


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    The first step to achieve the great feat is to cultivate your sense of aesthetics in a manner that not only pleases you, but also goes well with the people whom you are looking to impress, the onlookers. Everyone has a different taste in getting dressed up as almost each one of us is unique and has diverse choices. The different tastes are mostly judged by the movies you watch and the music you like to hear to, so incorporate these things in your get-up and also look to get involved in different games and also try to get involved in interactions with all sorts of people.

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    Now you will have to come to the colours that suit you. Everyone knows the band of colours that go best by him/her. The colour heavily depends upon your skin complexion. Alongside the skin colour, your hair colour and your eye colour are also the most fundamental things that are to be considered before making a specific colour choice that fits you well.

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    Proportion is the next thing that you must be looking to achieve if you are to dress up as a chic. The best example on the matter is that if you are wearing a top that is loose; proportionate it with a tight bottom. Shoes are also to go by in proportion according to your health.

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    Next to look like a real chic requires some shopping, go for it immediately. Avoid the usual wear that you prefer and look for a more diverse thing that suits you well, also keeping the colour and contrast in view again. Always make sure that you are buying your perfect size of the clothes.

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    Now is the most important part. To give an air of hotness to your presence, you must be wearing some highly revealing or tight clothes. Either wear tight tops or go in for very deep necked tops so that if the features aren’t popping out, then they must be out altogether. The more you reveal your “not to be seen body parts”, the more people are in for a long look at you. Also go for very tight bottoms so that your flesh cuts through your pants and is quite a visible force. The main tips, if kept in mind will definitely lead you to become one of the hottest property in the town.

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