How to Iron Satin Dresses

Satin is a beautiful fabric, extremely soft against the skin and equally beautiful to look at. Some of the most fabulous dresses, especially party wear, are bound to be made of satin. The fabric is indeed glamorous and fabulous.

Normally, satin dresses do not make their way to the ironing board, since they do not easily crumple. However, if you had folded and packed them in a bag while on a vacation, there is a chance that they may need to be ironed before they can be worn again. While ironing a satin dress has a great deal of risk involved, you can prevent your dress from getting ruined by keeping a few things in mind and taking certain precautions.


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    One of the first things that you need to ensure before ironing a satin dress is that the iron is set to its lowest level. You do not want an expensive and beautiful dress to be ruined by an iron that is too hot. Satin cannot survive a very hot iron, which is why you need to play it real safe by keeping the iron to its lowest level. This way, you will pretty much eliminate the risk of burning the dress while ironing it.

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    Rather than ironing the whole dress in one go, iron only a small portion of it while the iron is switched on. After a while, turn it off to cool the iron down a little and then turn it on again to resume the ironing. This will help you to make sure that the dress does not become overheated by the iron at any point.

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    A lot of dresses require water to be sprinkled on them before they can be properly ironed. Satin, however, does not have any such requirement. On the contrary, water damages a satin dress. Make sure that the dress is completely dry before you use an iron on it. Make sure it is neither damp, nor has any wet spots on it. If there are wet spots on it, dry it first using a blow-dryer before ironing it.

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    Always make sure that your ironing board does not have anything else, anything irregular lying on it while you are ironing your satin dress on it. The bumps will result in extra pressure being exerted on certain spots, creating a risk of those spots getting burnt.

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    Place another cloth on your satin dresses before ironing them instead of ironing them directly. This is an effectively way of keeping the dress out of harm’s way.

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    Do not run the iron over the same spot on your dress more than once. Also avoid ironing areas that are not wrinkled.

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