Shoes to Wear With Baggy Jeans

The way people dress up has gone on to change dramatically over the ages. In fact, there is almost always a new style or trend that everyone is looking to follow, just to stay up with the times.

This tends to become a very challenging thing to do, especially with the rate at which new trends and styles are induced into modern society.

One of the newer, but now slightly older trends that people looked to follow, was the usage of baggy pants. People went on to feel that they needed to wear loose clothes, and this is where the baggy jeans trend kicked in.

Now baggy jeans felt comfortable, despite people wearing them well below their waist level. However, they did seem to have one minor problem.

People found it hard to figure out just what type of shoes to wear with their baggy jeans, given the nature of the clothes that they were wearing.


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    One of the most basic and obvious choices of shoes to wear with baggy clothes are boots. Now boots come in many shapes and sizes, but the good thing about this is the fact that just about any pair of boots look good with baggy jeans.

    However, the one thing that you should try and focus on is to wear boots that hold the jeans up and prevent them from sliding up under the heel of your foot.

    If this happens, then you probably got the wrong sized shoes and you should opt to get bigger shoes instead.

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    Big sneakers

    Another alternative to wearing big boots, is to go ahead and try and wear sneakers instead. Sneakers are a great invention and you can wear them with just about anything on earth.

    With baggy jeans, sneakers just seem to blend in and look very natural and interesting. So remember to wear sneakers if you can.

    However, don’t wear any bright coloured sneakers with your baggy jeans, because that would just look really odd.

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    Big shoes

    Basically the one thing you need to do is to focus on wearing big shoes with your baggy jeans. This should be your prime target and goal when you step out in the jeans and should you remember to follow that, bigger is better policy you should end up not having any problems.

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