How to Choose What Color to Wear

It is quite hard to get a grip of colors that you want to wear. It is difficult because sometimes people do not know which color represents what type of personality? Therefore, in order to know about which colors to wear at what time, you should understand how things work in the world of colors. You should know which color represents what type of personality and how you should choose one when you are selecting your clothing wear.


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    Dark colors

    Dark colors represent authority and power. Even if you look at the judges, and lawyers, they wear darker colors (black), and that represents power and authority. Therefore, if you are a boss, or if you are a team-lead, you should try and wear darker colors in order to show power and authority.

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    Pastel colors

    When you wear pastel colors, you show that you are a relaxed and friendly person. Such colors should be worn by people who either teach, or have an interaction with a lot of people. That way they will be able to make a good friendly impression on other people. Mostly such colors should be worn by kindergarten teachers, who are interacting with young kids on a daily basis.

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    Mix colors

    When you wear mixed colors, you are showing creativity. Obviously, do not go overboard with the mixed colors; in fact, work in schemes. For example: Red and green can work together and you can show everyone how you are a creative person. Even purple and red can go together when you are trying to mix colors. Such color schemes should be either worn by artists, or musicians.

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    Red is a color that represents your personality traits. When you wear red and mix it with different colors, you will be showing the world what type of a personality you possess. For example: A person wearing red alongside orange will definitely look like a lively person. He will look appealing to many and he will be representing his lively self.

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    Pink color represents an open heart. This color should also be worn by either teachers, or sales representatives. Moreover, if you are a girl and want men to get attracted to you, you should wear lighter pink shades as people wearing pink, regardless of their gender, look more approachable.

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    The color white represents freshness and gives a bright look. Therefore, you should wear white if you are into things where cleanliness is integral. Hence, doctors should wear the color white as they are supposed to be clean.

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