Latest Trends in Gold Necklaces

Gold is a precious metal and is used in a variety of jewellery items. The metal is also used for currency purposes worldwide. Gold necklaces are one of the most commonly used gold ornaments. It has been used by men and women for hundreds of years. This type of gold jewellery is usually made by molding gold into a necklace. There are a number of chain styles available but you should choose one that suits your needs. If you are struggling to decide which chain style you should purchase then it is recommended to do research about latest fashions.


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    Round beads style

    Once of the most wonderful and latest gold chain style is the round bead. It is basically just balls fixed along a gold bead chain. Depending on the type of round bead necklaces, the beads could be inter-spaced with short chain bridges or be touching with each other.

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    Cable style

    A cable gold chain is perhaps the most elegant and commonly used type of gold necklaces in the world. Essentially, it consists of oval and round links of the same size. Cable design are the perhaps the first style consider when thinking of buying a gold necklace. Sometimes, this particular style is also called the link style. Adding Florentine pattern to the surface enhances the looks of a cable style necklace.

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    Snake Style

    Round, smooth and wave metal plates are used in the snake chain. This is also a very latest fashion but it is still less common than other styles.

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    Curb style

    Curb style is another fantastic chain design that is growing in popularity with each passing day. If you are looking to buy a gold necklace for a friend who is getting married then you must consider this style of gold necklace. Essentially, it is very similar to a snake style except for the difference that the links are fatter and thicker.

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    Rope style

    Rope style chains can be worn on almost all types of events. Marriage or engagement ceremonial, graduation day or as a Valentines gift, rope style chains can be used on almost every occasion. Rope chains are made up of oval links which are bridged together with tiny parts of gold. Rope style chains can be either twister rope chains or simple rope chains depending on the colour and metal used. When more than one chain are twisted together, it is a called the twist rope chain.

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