How to Wear Trench Coats

A trench coat is a classy wear for both men and women. Such coasts add a lot of style to the wardrobe. One can put on a trench coat on several particular events in each season.

If you are interested in a detective look, the trench coat is the best wear for you. No matter what outfit you are wearing, just put a trench coat on and you will see a significant difference in your personality.

Buying a trench coat is not perhaps that difficult. But if you don’t know how to wear it, even an expensive one cannot help you. Although any time is the right time for wearing this classic coat, you need to keep a few simple things in mind.


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    There are several trench coat styles available in the market. Including military inspired, single breasted, double breasted, long and cropped, you have a lot of options to choose from.

    Make sure you select the coat according to your physique. If you are slim, there is no need to pick the coat with many pockets. Similarly, in case you don’t have a healthy neck, avoid wearing the one with a wide collar.

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    When it comes to autumn/winter, you don’t have a limited collection of colours and lengths. Among the typical colours for winter are: black, navy and khaki. When buying a trench coat for winters, don’t select the front-open style.

    Even if you are interested in this style, make sure the coat has the belt, so that you can cover your chest when required. If the temperature is not greatly low, you can pick any style.

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    When wearing a trench coat, identify the style that you want to opt. If you want to have a cool look, select the wide-collar coat and try keeping the front open.

    For an angry-young-man look, try long shoes with skinny jeans. The gloves add a lot of style. You can use a simple casual shirt

    When it comes to formal look, try wearing a sweater under the coat. Choose the colour of pant in accordance to the style of your coat. Use a pair of formal shoes as well.

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    The shoes are extremely important. The best option is wearing long shoes with laces. Even if you want to have a formal look, the long shoes look really nice.

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    Put a round hat on your head. In winters, the hat adds great style and makes you look like a detective.

  • 6

    Hold a leather bag in your hand and walk confidently. The colour of the bag may differ from your coat.

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