How to Make Doll Pajamas from Socks

Making pajamas or other clothing items for your doll collection out of socks is a great way to use your creativity. There are always plenty of old socks of different shapes, sizes and colours that you can easily use to make doll pajamas. Using the proper guidelines and a few basic sewing items, you will be able to make some great looking doll pajamas that everyone will love.

Things Required:

– Old Sock
– Doll
– Pins
– Ruler
– Thread
– Sewing Needle
– Thin Paper
– Scissors
– Chalk or pen
– Sewing Machine


  • 1

    Decide on pajama design

    You will first want to carefully decide on the type of pajama design that you want to make for your doll. Once you have chosen the style, carefully measure out your doll to get the proper dimensions that you will need before cutting and sewing.

  • 2

    Pick sock type and colour

    Now that you have decided on the style and size of your doll pajamas, pick the appropriate sock that you will need. If your doll is large then you can use a big tube sock that has a nice elastic band at the top. If your doll is small you might want to use a baby sock to make your pajamas. Also, you can pick an old sock that has various patterns or textures in it to enhance the look of your doll pajamas. Be sure to also pick the right colour that suits your doll.

  • 3

    Measure and cut sock

    Lay the old sock on a flat surface and measure out the area which you will need for your doll pajamas. Use the pins, chalk and ruler to get this job done. Try to use as much of the sock as possible to help reduce the amount of sewing that you will need to do. Once you have marked the sock with pins or chalk then take the scissors and carefully cut the design of your pajamas out.

  • 4

    Sew pieces together

    Use the sewing machine to put together the main pieces of the doll pajamas. For the finer sections of the pajamas, use the thread and sewing needle to join the pieces together. Make sure you take your time while sewing as you will want the overall fit and finish to look professional.

  • 5

    Attach thin paper

    You will want to carefully attach the thin paper to act as a stabilizer for your doll pajamas. Carefully cut out the right shape of paper and gently attach it to the inside of the sock. You will want to turn the sock inside out to get this job done properly.

  • 6

    Trim edges

    Carefully trim the edges and make sure that everything is stitched properly. You can now put your new pajamas on your doll for a unique look.

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