How to Return Your Online Clothing Order

Buying online provides us with more options and often cheaper prices. Clothing sales online are on the rise. Many online sellers only maintain storage and therefore do not have to indulge the serious overhead of having their outlets in expensive shopping centres.

With all the checks and balances in place, buying online is pretty safe and you get what you have paid for. However, sometimes there are issues, mostly minor in nature and one has to return the clothing they have bought. It’s not a cumbersome procedure and can be completed within no time.


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    Know the Terms of Return

    Every online seller has terms and conditions to return a product. Some offer a specific time money back guarantee and no questions asked returns. Others will only exchange damaged or wrong sized clothing and others yet will offer a refund on returning the merchandise. This will vary with each website and you should know about this in advance.

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    Contact Seller Immediately

    In any case of return, contact the seller immediately and explain that you want to return the product. You must know the terms and conditions of returning and make sure that you are returning as per the agreement and within the stipulated time. Do let them know the reason why you are returning it particularly if it is damaged or the wrong size.

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    Get an Approval

    Get an approval code if you are talking on the phone or get it via email before shipping the package.  This can be crucial in some cases if the seller refuses to acknowledge the return or disputes the validity of the return. When you have the code, you can communicate it to the seller or even your credit card company if such a case occurs and this will play in your favour.

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    Keep Shipping Info

    Once you return the package, make sure that you have the receipt of the return. Keep this safe as this could be needed later on. Also if possible, have the contents of the package mentioned on the receipt you get from the post office to further cement your claim.

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