Pants to Wear with Ballet Flats

Fashion is all about knowing the latest trends and picking perfect combinations according to the season. It is not about wearing expensive outfits and carrying some classy accessories. One has to consider a lot of things, when it comes to getting ready for a party or a special occasion.

Normally, women match their clothes with handbags, jewellery and makeup. However, it is equally important to find matching pants with your ballet flats. These shoes are quite comfortable and come in different price range and shades. Ballet flats can be worn at any special occasion, but if they don’t complement your trousers, there is a chance you may become a fashion disaster.


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    Animal print ballet flats

    If you are wearing animal print ballet flats, they will look best with black pants. You can look for other darker colours too, but nothing will look more appealing than an overall black outfit with these shoes. You can add a few accessories in red shade, as that will look quite cool. Here is what you will need to get this impressive look.

    - Salvatore Ferragamo Vara Clutch
    - Twist Front Jumpsuit
    - Giuseppe Zanotti Leopard Flat
    - Rimmel London Kate Lipstick
    - Half Sun Studs

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    Red ballet flats

    Although ballet flats are available in numerous colours, the most appealing ones are in red. If you have a fair complexion, you should always wear sharper colours. You can always put on a sexy skirt with these shoes, especially if you are young.

    However, the ideal thing would be to wear the red ballet flats with jeans. This combination looks dazzling, more so if you can sport following accessories also;

    - Prada Patent
    - Joie Marru Blouse
    - Capri jeans
    - Clutch
    - Moulded Bracelet
    - Roberta Chiarella Gold and Turquoise Jelly Bean Earrings
    - Calypso Necklace

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    Black ballet flats

    Black is probably the most loved colour when it comes to outfits, shoes, jewellery and other accessories. If you have black ballet flats, there is no need to worry about the shade of your pants. You can pick any of your favourite colours like green, brown, purple, yellow etc.. In general, green pants or shorts look more appealing compared to any other thing, but eventually its all about your taste. Following things should be bought to get this exotic look.

    - Diesel Black Gold Caviar t-shirt
    - MATTHEW WILLIAMSON Belt tie shorts
    - Karen Walker Harvest Sunglasses
    - Repetto BB leather ballet flats
    - Vidalia

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