How to Choose your Best Clothing Colors

Contrary to what many of us believes, your clothing colours matter a lot in making up your looks. Usually people are obsessed with their hairstyles, dresses, jewellery and other such stuff and they do not put much attention to their clothing colours.

Choosing the perfect clothing colours is a tough job especially if you are not a professional. But this is something that should not be forgotten. You can do a lot of this when it comes to choosing your best clothing lines such as working with your hair colour and putting more makeup on your eyes.

You can compare colour of your skin against your outfits and other such stuff.


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    Choose according to your hair colour

    Your hair colour plays an important part in finalising your outlook. If you are blonde, bright shades such as yellow, rust and orange can suit you to a large extent. For brunettes, choices are more vast and easy as compared to blondes. They can choose colour like green, brown, blue and even pink. As far as redheads are concerned, brown and orange look best on them as well as ivories and green. People with gray hair look good in b right colours such as red, maroon, purple and other gold. But they need to stay away from gray and pastels.

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    Underlying skin colour

    You have to check your underlying skin colour before you can think of choosing your best clothing colours. Put your tanned skin aside and see what you real colour is. There are several ways to check that and once you are done with that, pick the clothing line accordingly.

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    Compare colours against your skin

    Take a number of colours and test them against your skin. Each person is practically different from other and so is the colour of your skin. So you have to compare the coloured fabrics before making the final call. Choose the colours that make you look healthy and make you skin glow and avoid those colours that make you look blunt, washed-out and unhealthy.

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    Colour Analysis

    If you are unable to figure out the colours, try using help of a professional. They can help you out and you can save a lot of time. But even in that case, put your preferences on top and don’t let anybody dictate you.

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    Try out different colours

    Don’t be shy to try out different colours and try, try again before choosing you best clothing colours.

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