How to Wear Neon and Look Amazing

Wearing neon is a trend that has recently found itself in the mainstream fashion following its growing popularity in night clubs and fashion photographs. This trend has grown a considerable fan base of it as well who feel that it represents their personality. In order to make your neon look amazing you need to keep a few things in your mind before you decide to wear a particular colour or shade of neon. Moreover, it’s also important to ‘feel’ the neon as it’s a representation of energetic personality.


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    The first thing you need to do is to realize what kind of event you’re headed for. Whether it’s a party, social cause or just another day out you must be sure that the neon theme would suit it. Of course you cannot wear neon and attend a business meeting as that would be totally bizarre. Always try to stay on the safe side. Don’t wear the neon colours if you think that would be a bad idea.

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    Once you have decided to wear neon after all, the next step is to decide what colour it is going to be. You can start by those colours that look good on you. You can also consider the theme of the event and what colour would suit the occasion the most. This would help you in deciding from the thousands of neon shades that are available to be worn. If you don’t have the desired shade in your wardrobe currently, you can always go out to buy the desired attire.

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    Match the neon colours that you have decided to wear. It’s necessary to do it because you don’t want to end up with an odd combination of colours. It’s better to do your homework and check out whether the colours you’ve come up with go well together.

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    Neons can appear great if you’ve got the right mix. Mix the selected colours. Avoid using every colour that you’ve come up with as some might not be a good match with others. For example black looks great with neon as it provides the right background for it. You can use black as a supportive shade in order to use various colours.

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    In order to create your look amazing you’ll need matching accessories with your neon dress as well. This enhances the outlook of your neon dress. If you’re wearing a pink neon shirt, buy matching shoes with that as it would create a striking impression. Accessories always tend to highlight you from the rest of the crowd.

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