How to Dress Well when You’re Overweight

There are many instances when you are embarrassed of your figure and feel frustrated looking at the toned figures around.  It’s time to stop being ashamed of the extra fat. You can look just as breath taking as any skinny girl. Those days have passed when you had to be stick thin to pull off a dress, now days with the right accessories and fitting, you can be marvelous. Just stay aware about the shape of your body follow some simple tips and look awesome every day.


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    The right undergarments

    It starts with the basics. It’s difficult to look your finest if your under garments do not support your body. Get a well fitted bra as it will boost your figure and you will also help in shunning backaches. If your unsure of your size, go to an undergarment store to get yourself measured. To make your hips appear in shape, wear cotton under wear which has a high waist.

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    The shirts you chose should be moderate fit: neither baggy nor over tight. Keep in mind not to wear horizontal strips as they make you look wider. For bulky people vertical lines and flowy materials are good choices. Also avoid clothes which make your shoulders look bulky. A safe combination will be dark color top and straight pants.

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    Tight pants will always make you look fat. Don’t be shy of buying bigger sizes of they fit. It is usually a complicated buy as sometimes it’s tighter from the hips, other times from the waist. Boot-cuts are one of those styles that look good on every figure. Do not go for pleated pants. Instead buy those that are long enough to hide your shoes; they give you a slimmer appearance.

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    You want to draw eyes up and down, so chose a long dress. Even if you don’t choose full length, try that it covers your knees. If it ends just before the knees, your calves will appear wider. Don’t wear belts as it becomes a hindrance in the long style. Some styles that will suit you are: v-necks and ball gown styles.

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    Bulkier woman have the advantage of pulling off chunky jewelry better. Don’t go for very delicate necklaces as they will not stand out on the figure. Big bangles make the wrist look slender and bold earrings bring out the neck. Accessorize with a large handbag as it will compliment the figure. If your ankles are bulky, don’t go for delicate heels. Instead try the wedges, they will look very stylish.

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