How to Color Code your Clothes

Color coding your clothes is a simple process to arrange your wardrobe in a systematic order. It helps you to find the desired attire at right time and to avoid wearing the same outfit in the same week or month. This simple activity of few minutes makes getting ready in the morning or evening so much simpler. Moreover, a neat and well-organized closet or wardrobe can have a positive impact on your mind the moment you open it. If you really do not know how to color code your clothes or from where to start, then simple follow the given below easy steps and enjoy a nicely arranged closet:


  • 1

    Take out all the outfits and clothing accessories from your closet and place them on your bed.

  • 2

    Now, iron them if needed and put them in the hangers.

  • 3

    Get back to the empty closet and clean it with a piece of cloth.

  • 4

    Put all your clothes in order in your closet or wardrobe. The best thing you can do is, divide all your outfits into two sections, i.e. tops and bottoms.

  • 5

    It is the time to color code all your tops and bottoms. Get help from your elementary school’s short form for the color spectrum. For example, “ROY G BIV” - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. First, organize your tops the color spectrum and then arrange the bottoms in the same way. You might be thinking that the black and white are missing in the color spectrum which are the main colors that most of them people like to wear in both formal ad casual events. Do not worry and place the back ones after the violets or purples attires, and whites at the back of the black clothes. What about the multi-colored clothes? Set them with the color that the item shows the most.

    Note: Following the color spectrum idea not compulsory you can make color arrangement the way you want.

  • 6

    Now, you have to make sub sections in each color sections the tops and bottoms. Like, put the sleeveless and tank tops first, short sleeved tops at second number, long sleeved ones at third and the sweaters along with dresses at fourth number. Repeat this simple step for each color section of your tops until you arrange all of them.

  • 7

    Apply the same formula for all your bottoms, going from shortest to longest. Follow them given below order for each color section of your bottoms:

    (1) Shorts, (2) Short Skirts, (3) Capri, (4) Bermuda shorts (5) Long Skirts, (6) Long Pants

  • 8

    Enjoy a well organized closet!

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