How to Make a Bra Pattern

Designing and developing lingerie is undoubtedly, the most difficult part of the fashion industry. This is probably because of odd sizes, angles, curves and varied measurements. Most importantly, there is an increasing need for new and unique lingerie designs and this has forced the manufacturers and designers to continue their creativity. Making a bra pattern is the toughest part of the manufacturing as once this is developed, the rest of the process is relatively easier. This not only tests your efficiency but it also judges your ability to be precise.

Things Required:

– Measuring tape
– Paper
– Ruler


  • 1

    Measure your bust line

    In order to make the bra pattern, the most important part is measuring the bust line. For this, you should hold a measuring tape at one side of your body. Now cross this tape through the centre and reach the other side of the body. After you have noticed this length, you must do the same backwards to take the full measurement of the bust line. Make sure that the measuring tape is in the centre of your bust line, as this will give you an accurate measurement.

  • 2

    Measure cup size

    You should measure the cup size as it is also essential for the bra pattern. For this, you must hold down the measurement tape in the middle of your shoulder and bring it down to the bust point. It is important that you do it separately for each breast as both of these are often slightly changed in size.

  • 3

    Take your chest and underbust measurement

    Now, you should measure your chest by holding the tape from one arm pit to another. Do not forget to take the underbust measurement the same way you measured the bust line.

  • 4

    Draw larger sections

    After the measurement part is complete, you must start drawing the larger patterns of your lingerie. For this, you should draw straight lines using right angles, ruler and a French curve template.

  • 5

    Draw cup size

    As you are aware, the cups are in a rounded shape; thus it will be easier for us to draw these. For this, you must take help from something of equivalent circle size and draw it. In order to ensure accuracy, you should use right angle and French curve for each bra cup.

  • 6

    Keep sketching

    You must keep sketching until you have eliminated all errors and a perfect pattern is drawn.

  • 7

    Test the pattern

    You must check your pattern for comfort and accuracy before transforming it into a final product.

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