How to Care For Your Swimsuit

Since swimsuits don’t form part of your everyday attire, they are often neglected. However, if you are an avid swimmer, you may want to take proper care of your swimsuit to ensure that it lasts you long.


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    You will most probably buy a pair or two to begin with, hence make sure you invest a little more and get good quality material. Even the best quality swimsuits are not immune to chlorine (added to water in swimming pools) but last much longer.

    It is also advisable that you buy swimwear with more spandex, as it will retain its shape better and will also help you maintain a proper posture.

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    Never leave your swimsuits unwashed after use. In order to extend the life of your swimwear, it is important that you wash them by hand using soap after every use.

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    Remember never to throw your swimsuit into the washing machine. This will cause it to lose its shape as the lycra will breakdown, ruining the bra cups.

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    Do not stretch your swimsuit much when washing with hands if you want it to maintain its elasticity.

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    Both the dryer and the sun are going to ruin your suit. The sun will not only fade the colour of your swimsuit, but will also cause it to lose elasticity.

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    Give your favourite swimsuit at least 24 hours to dry before reusing. After a wash, the swimsuit needs these 24 hours to return back to its original shape.

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    Always pick a proper place to sit; sitting on rough surfaces will harm your swimsuits. It is advised that you carry a towel with you when walking on the beach and lay it down before sitting on it. This will prevent wear and tear.

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    If you plan on sunbathing, then it is advisable to do this before taking a dip in the water as the combination of sun and the chemicals in the water will wear out your suit sooner than you would expect. If however, you want to take a swim first, try and change your suit before laying out in the sun.

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