How to Measure a Man\’s Arms for a Dress Shirt

Dress shirts these days are widely used for parties and any formal gatherings and they have made one of the most unique dress codes. In the past ages, there was no concept of any dress shirts yet the modern day life has made it sure that dress shirts have become one of the parts of our cultural representations. Be it a simple party or a formal gathering between colleagues, dress shirts are the main code of dress in these and one has to buy the perfect shirt to match with the suit.


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    Formal parties in this time are very often taking place so one has to dress up according to the dress code of the parties. Many people keep social gathering and certain other gatherings. Dress shirt is without any query the dress code in these get together. Often office meeting are also taking place at regular basis when the boss of the company decides to call his workers and sit with the so that he can discuss something that is vital for the company’s interests.

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    One should wear the best dresses if he has to make a good impression in any of these gatherings and it can be made only by selecting the best dress. The dress shirt is one of the main components of the dress and unless one has the perfect choice of the shirt and combines it well with his general dress then he will not look so nice. The first step in taking the clothes is to select the store from where you are looking to buy the shirt and the dress. There are a number of stores in the market and one can find any of these easily via an internet search or a walk in the town market.

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    Now you have to ask the person to bring out the shirt that you have selected. Now is the task of measuring the arms of the person who has been here to select the shirt. The most important thing is that the person should stand straight so that the length becomes accurate and you should ask him to stretch his arms around. When he has done this, you should take a measuring tape and put it on his shoulder and measure the arm length. Note this down on the paper and do it same for the second arm and then check it. The process is complete.

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