How to Keep your Baby Warm all Winter

A warm baby is a happy and healthy baby. Parents strive continuously all through the cold winter months to keep their baby warm so that there is no risk of catching cold, fever and even pneumonia in some extreme cases. Babies are delicate creatures, susceptible to numerous health problems when exposed to low temperatures. Our tender ones need to be properly wrapped and protected from the effects of the dropping mercury because it is their comfort and smile that brings the best of joys in our life.  All those out there who want to give their baby a warm passage through the winter should go through the steps;


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    Cover light and cozy:

    The process starts with your baby's room. Warm up the room using heater, thick curtains and keeping the doors closed when it is cold and windy outside. However, on sunny days, keep the window open to let the air in for some part of the day.  The same applies to his cot. Cover it up with a fleece mattress.

    A warm blanket will give him a comfortable cover. However, one good alternative is a zip up sleeping bag which makes sure that your baby does not kick off the covers during sleep. This way the baby stays warm for the full length. These sleeping bags come in sleeveless options so that the baby is free to move his or her hands. Wearable blankets are also available with the same attributes. They also prevent any suffocation hazard. A hot water bottle or a heating pad inside your child's covers is bound to help beat the hold.

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    It is always best to dress your baby in layers because layers insulate against cold air and create a warm medium for the body. Dress up your child in two to three thin layers according to the cold. The interior most layer should be a breathable fabric. Hi necks are good option for this as they cover the neck part too.The exterior could be a sweater, coat or jacket. Try to get a fabric which has an interior layer of fleece and a water repellent exterior layer. Snow suits are also suitable if you are taking the child outside. Snowsuits with form fitting allow the baby to move freely.

    Look for signs where your baby starts to feel over dressed or too warm. Remove a layer of dressing if you observe his/her discomfort.

    Wrapping a baby blanket around your child in the end makes it totally safe to got out.  Remember a simple rule: your baby needs one extra layer of dress than you in winters. So if you are wearing two layers of clothing and are comfortable in it, you know how to dress up your baby.

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    Hands and feet:

    Mittens and gloves should never be forgotten when going outside the warm interior of home. However, socks are something that should be kept on even on the inside. Woolen socks offer the best protection for cold feet.Do not forget to pull on the booties even if your child cannot walk.

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    The head:

    We loose most of our body heat through the head. It is therefore, important that you keep your baby's head covered when the temperature drops cold, especially when going outside. Woolen hats are usually the best choice. The hat should ideally have a strap that fastens under the chin so that it stays on for long and is hard for the baby to throw it off.  It should fit the head snugly without making the child uncomfortable. Loose hats usually drop down to the eyes, making the child extremely uncomfortable. You can remove the hat inside the house or the car when the heater is running and the air is warm.

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    Skin protection:

    Parts which cannot be covered by clothing like face tend to suffer a lot. Dry skin with red cheeks, chapped lips and dryness flakes are common during the cold weather. Moisturize your baby well after every bath and wash with a skin moisturizer. The moisturizer will act as an insulation layer over skin. Keep the air hydrated with water hydration units.

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    Use your body heat:

    Nothing keeps your baby warm and happy better than your own body heat. Use a sling or carrier to hold your baby to yourself when going outside, instead of a stroller. Your coat might just be the perfect cover against the harsh wind and cold blast.

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    Car and stroller:

    Make your baby's modes of transportation warm and comfortable. Cover the seat of a car with a fur liner or thin fleece blanket. Same goes for the stroller. Zippered blankets are the best choice to cover your baby inside the car and in the stroller. Car seat and stroller seat covers are readily available in the market.

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