Bikini Styles That Make Men Go Crazy

Looking for some summer loving? Looking for some romance during these vacations? Want to attract some men on the beach? Try on a few bikini styles which mean are absolutely crazy about.

This summer is going to be all about feeling amazing and looking good. And do you know how you can look good during a summer afternoon, at a beach? By wearing the perfect bikini so all the men have their eyes on you.

The beach might be full of beautiful women, who can attract men, but wearing good bikinis will take men’s eyes off from other ladies, and they will come right at you. So be ready to get busy.


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    You can start off by looking at the basic bikini. Men look for revealing bikinis, obviously; and the basic ones mostly cover everything that should be covered. However, they are still quite revealing enough. The good thing about the basic bikini is the fact that it is not vulgar, despite being revealing enough. Guys simply love the fact how you are not too vulgar in a public place. Therefore, go for the basic bikini as it’s hard to go wrong with this style.

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    The second area which you can explore in bikini styles is the string bikini section. Guys absolutely love this bikini style and it’s not even hard to guess why. It’s obvious. The guys who have their eyes set on you, they always try and imagine. However, this bikini style leaves less to imagine for everyone as it is quite revealing already. A little advice: be careful whenever you are wearing this bikini. It is already too revealing and you might end up flashing in front of a guy you might start dating soon. Therefore, always be extra careful.

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    This last bikini style is probably the one which will get you going. If you think you are fat, don’t go for this. However, thin girls can always opt for this bikini style. Guys always approve of it. Moreover, it is also more suitable for the ladies. You might ask why this might better, and the answer is: because it leaves no lines on your shoulders. With all the sun and you getting the tan, the other two bikinis will leave awkward lines on your shoulders. However, the Bandeau top bikini style comfortable, and also looks gorgeous. Since the top has absolutely no straps to keep it in place, always select the right size.

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