How to Dress Like Kimora Lee Simmons

A former American model, Kimora Lee Simmons is one of the founders of Baby Phat and remained its CEO and Creative Director until 2010. A year later, she became the President of JustFab. She is a towering and exotic beauty, with millions of fans all around the world.

Kimora has developed an extremely elegant and professional style, although she is known to wear provocative clothes and has worked in some racy photo shoots. If you dream about dressing like Kimora, you would have to do a lot of homework first. You must thoroughly understand your body and should be mentally prepared to wear some unique and classic styles.


  • 1

    Buy a Kimora Lee Simmons’ Barbie doll

    If you wish to dress like Kimora, it is recommended that you use her official Barbie doll at It will go a long way in guiding you to look like Kimora as the doll’s clothing, jewellery and makeup has been designed and selected by none other than Kimora herself.

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    Select clothes from Baby Phat

    Kimora remained the creative director of the popular brand for quite a while. By selecting clothes from Baby Phat, you will enhance your chances of looking like the great model. The prices of Baby Phat are not that high and you should be able to afford that easily.

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    Wear lots of furs

    Kimora is known to wear a lot of furs. Therefore, in your effort to dress like her, you should also look to wear furs. Due to the pressure of animal rights activists, furs are no more available in many clothing lines; however, you can use faux pieces as a suitable alternate.

  • 4

    Dare to Bare

    As mentioned earlier, Kimora is known for revealing her body by wearing provocative clothes. If you dream about dressing and appearing like the popular model, you should not hesitate to wear brave dresses. During a photo session, you should not ignore the idea of having a sexy shoot, in which furs and ribbons can be strategically used.

  • 5

    KSL line

    KLS is newly launched clothing line by Kimora Lee Simmons. It is a luxurious and expensive line but can definitely help you dress like her. The clothes are beautifully made in accordance to the colours and styles that Kimora uses.

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