How to Wear a Blazer with a Dress

If you are looking to add a little something special to one of your favorite dresses then wearing a blazer is a great option. You can add some style and sophistication with the right type of blazer. There are many different varieties of blazers and choosing the right one to go with your dress is essential if you want an outfit that not only makes you look better but also draws the attention of others.

Things Required:

– Blazers
– Dresses
– Accessories (belt, bracelet, earrings, etc)


  • 1

    Choose appropriate dress:

    Pick the right dress to go with a blazer. It is very important to understand that the color and fabric of the dress helps you to choose the type of blazer that you will need to compliment your outfit. Blazers usually go very well with casual, formal and other knee length styles.

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    Choose blazer:

    It is important that you choose the right blazer according to the dress that you are wearing. Go with fitted blazers as they will accentuate your figure and also taper your outfit at the bottom. A fitted blazer can usually go with anything. You might also want to get a tuxedo style blazer if you want a formal elegant look.

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    Select color and fabric of blazer:

    Select the color and type of fabric for your blazer. Remember that colors and fabrics have a lot to do with the time at which you plan on wearing the blazer. If you are wearing the blazer during the day then you will have to go with lightweight fabrics and colors so that it is comfortable to wear. However, if you choose to wear your blazer during the evening or at night then you can go with thicker fabrics and darker colors. Remember to coordinate the colors between your dresses and blazers as you do not want to keep the same shades for all of your outfits.

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    Select accessories:

    Just wearing a blazer with a dress is usually not enough as you will definitely want to add the perfect accessories to your clothing. You can always add a decent belt or some bracelets and earrings to help highlight your outfit. There are many different accessories that you can use to add some style to your outfit.

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