How to Make a Soap And Loofah Costume

Costumes can be a lot of fun, on private parties, themed events or Halloween. However, since costumes rarely come cheap and are not used more than once or twice, it is prudent to try and save as much as possible. Even if your costume is not expensive or high quality, a funny or quirky idea can get you nods of appreciation.

Themed parties and Halloween are much more fun with friends, and if you and your friend are looking for a costume that is not pricey yet witty, you two can dress up as a soap and a Loofah. Making these costumes at home will allow you to have two costumes for the price of one. Moreover, they both are really easy to put together. The things you will need to make your own pair of Soap and Loofah costume can be easily found at your local arts and crafts store.

Things Required:

– Dresses, or top and shorts, of the same colour
– 15 yards of matte net (the same colour as the clothes)
– 12/32 inch cord
– 60-pack of safety pins
– Two 36-inch by 36-inch sheets of white felt
– Four 9-inch by 12-inch sheets of blue felt
– Scissors
– Glue gun
– Bubble Wrap
– Pencil


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    Loofah costume

    Cut the 15 yard matte net into long but easy to manage pieces of almost one yard each. Each piece does not have to be exactly a yard in length, just make sure they all look the same size. Wrap one piece of netting around your clothes and hold it in place using a safety pin. Do not wrap the net too tightly around your clothing.

    Bunch the netting up and pin the pinched part of the bunch randomly in a few places. Ask your friend for help when pinning the net at the back. Keep on wrapping the net strips around your clothing until your dress is entirely covered. Complete the Loofah by adding a rope to the costume. Twist the cord together before pinning it under the layers of the net.

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    Soap costume

    To make the soap costume, sew three edges of the white felt together. If you are not good with a needle and thread, glue the edges together using a hot glue gun. Make three holes in it, one for the head and the other two for arms. Be sure that you make the holes at a proper distance. Using a pencil, trace the word ‘SOAP’ on the blue felt and cut out all the four letters neatly. Glue each letter onto the costume you have made. You can also glue some bubble wrap onto your soap costume to give it a perfect bubbly look.

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