How to Make Clothes Dry Faster

Drying clothes fast can prove to be a nuisance, especially if you are in a hurry to go somewhere and you need the clothes to dress or pack. You surely do not want to wear a dress with wet corners or pack clothes that still have moisture on them. It does not take any out of the world technique to make your clothes dry faster. You just have to improve on the process that you already do. Follow our step by step guide to know tips so that your clothes dry faster and you do not have to wait.


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    Use your dryer well:

    Your clothes will dry in much lesser time if you use your dryer efficiently. Separate clothes first in groups of similar sizes or weights. Some clothes absorb more water and take more time to dry compared to others. Separate these into different loads.

    Dry your clothes back to back so that the dryer does not have to start and warm up for every load. This ensures that the dryer is already hot when you put in clothes.

    Keep your lint filter clean during the process. When lint gets stuck into it, it hampers the machine's performance and clothes dry slower.

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    Towels and Dryer balls:

    Put some dry towels or dryer balls in the dryer which absorb moisture and help clothes dry faster. Even clean cotton shirts will also serve the purpose.

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    Learn the hanging techniques:

    Clothes are softer and wrinkle free when you let them dry on their own in the sun. Hang you clothes in a way that their maximum part faces the sun and absorbs the heat. Dark clothes will dry first as they absorb heat more so keep the preference on the light ones. Wring well before hanging. Spread out the clothes well to avoid any wet corners. Make best use of the sun and do your washing early in the morning. Use clips to make sure the clothes stay in the place.. You can also use cloth hangers to increase the surface area exposed to sun.

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    Blow dry and iron:

    You can also use the blow dryer heat to dry up corners that are still wet and you do not have time to do it in the dryer again. Ironing also takes away some moisture from the clothes.

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