Difference between Jeans and Chinos

Women often get confused over deciding their apparel, especially for special occasions such as parties, concerts and weddings. Men on the other hand, don’t think a lot and make their decision quickly no matter what the occasion is.

One of the main reasons for this is that women have a lot of options compared to men, and find it difficult to choose on a short notice. Moreover, women often have to about tops and bottoms separately, making it even harder for them to choose.

For men, the choices are limited, and at the most they have to decide between wearing different types of pants and shirts. Jeans and Chinos are two of the most commonly worn types of pants by men all over.

Both these trousers are popular amongst men and are generally worn during the summers. If you are also struggling to choose between the two, the best thing is to identify the differences between them. This way, you will be able to save plenty of time and things will also become simple for you.

Although the fabric used to make these trousers is the same, there is a slight difference which you can easily identify. Jeans is a bit more heavier compared to chinos, as the twill fabric used for it is slightly different. However, you can also find some chinos which are quite heavy.

Another major difference between the two lower body garments is that jeans are considered too casual, while chinos are often worn by people at their workplace. Some offices allow the employees to wear anything they like, but there are certain codes that have to be followed everywhere.

Jeans are majorly available in classic blue colors, which means that you don’t have much of a choice while buying them. On the other hand, the chinos are found mostly in khaki and skin colours.

Similarly, jeans come in a lot of fitting styles, made to suit different body shapes, but chinos are usually loose and don’t hug the wearer’s legs.

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    Made with a heavy fabric, jeans were originally launched by Levi Strauss as a copper riveted trouser. They are mostly available in tight fittings and shades of blue.

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    If you are looking for comfort, you should opt for chinos, which are made of lighter fabric compared to jeans. They were first worn by soldiers in the French and UK army, but became trendy in the United States afterwards.

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