How to Dress Punk in the summer

Punk was a very successful fashion in the late 1970s and had a major following comprising mainly of teenagers. Known for the appreciation of hard-core metal music and unique attitude, this style gained huge popularity a few decades back and is still followed by a host of gangs. Punks are quickly identified because of their style and if you want to dress as a punk, you should perfect the style. Tattoos, piercings, leather jackets and Devil-May-Care grimace are all part of the style. Obviously, leather jackets cannot be part of a summer dressing so there is a list of things you need to follow. 


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    You should go for bright coloured T-shirts that have pictures of former Punk bands. The most popular ones include the Clash or the Ramones. Faded shirts would help your cause even better. T-shirts with pictures or motifs of daggers and skulls are also common in punk style. Make sure the shirts you wear are not too tight, especially during summers. Sleeveless T-shirts will look great if you have tattoos on your arms.

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    Cuff bracelets, safety pins and anchor pendants are a must for genuine punk look. Chains around the neck will also add to the look. If you are brave enough, get piercings done on your nose, eyebrow or tongue. 

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    Hairstyle is very important for a complete punk look. Mohawk is the most common hairstyle in this regard. Cut your hair short and dye them with colours such as blue or green to complete the look. 

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    The leather effect

    Leather pants were very common in the 70s. You can go for T-shirts and black leather pants for a funky rock look. White patent is also another option but it will look more authentic if you scruff it and use safety pins through it. For ladies, using a leather bag or purse will complete the look but make sure it does not look new. It should have some rough texture to it.

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