How to Decorate a Belt

You do not necessarily have to be one of those people who simply follow the current fashion trends because they are dead scared of being caught wearing something that is yet to be considered cool or trendy.

Become a trend-setter in your school, college, university or office by wearing a truly unique belt. Of course, you can get your hands on a unique and rather jazzy belt at a designer store, but there is no need for you to spend your hard-earned money on something that you can make on your own.

Just let go of your inhibitions and put faith in your creativity and designer skills to transform a plain belt into something that would surely make heads turn.

Things Required:

– A plain belt
– Markers, crayons or paint
– Strong glue
– Needle and thread
– Buttons
– Faux gems


  • 1

    Find yourself a plain belt. You would probably have one lying in your wardrobe already. If the belts you already own do not seem fit for the purpose, just go out and buy yourself a relatively cheap belt. Going for an expensive belt would kill the whole point of decorating a belt at home, instead of purchasing a designer belt.

  • 2

    Before you start drawing, sticking or sewing different accessories on the belt, just sit down and plan the whole thing out. Think about the different creative designs that you can go for. Also consider the material(s) that you would require to make a certain design in your head a reality.

  • 3

    If you have decided to draw something on the belt, grab a pack of markers, crayons or paint and treat the belt as your canvas.

  • 4

    In case you have decided to accessorise your belt with faux gems, pay your local craft store a visit and try to get a good deal on faux flat-back gems. Go for gems of different colours and designs. Stick them on your belt using strong glue.

  • 5

    You can use buttons of different colours and styles to adorn your belt as well. Purchase a variety of buttons and sew them up on your belt using a needle and thread. In case you are not skilled at sewing, ask your mother, sister or some other female member of the house to do it for you.

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